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What is a Wonderpod?

The Wonderpod is the world's first patent pending nano spray gun that uses  disposable disinfectant pods (300ML BOTTLE of Wondershield Multi-Surface Disinfectant Spray) It combines the power of two essential components. 

  1.  An easy to use nano spray gun that is ideal for coating surfaces.


2.  Pre-filled 300ml bottles of Wondershield Multi Surface Hospital Grade Disinfectant Spray  


Discover the Power of Wonderpods.

Product features

Why choose Wonderpods for your business?

PRODUCT benefits


Long Lasting Protection

Wondershield disinfectant offers on going antibacterial protection on 'Low-Touch' surfaces treated like walls, windows, floors, and other furniture. for up to 30 DAYS.

Stop Paying So Much

Wonderpods offer a commercial like disinfection solution for a fraction of the price of other more expensive commercial solutions.

Single Application

Once applied Wondershield's multi-surface disinfectant offers up to 30 days of antibacterial efficacy on surfaces, reducing daily application times.


High Touch point Protection

Wondershield disinfectant offers on going antibacterial protection on 'High-Touch' surfaces like tables tops, chairs, and door knobs for up to 24 hours

DIY - Disinfect It Yourself!

The wonderpods system is easy to use and requires no professional training. However please read manual thoroughly prior to use.

It's about prevention

A well sanitised workplace has shown to reduce overall staff sick days.


Wonderpods uses Pre-filled 300ml bottles of Wondershield Hospital Grade Disinfectant & Protectant which has been assessed and listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration as effective against COVID-19 .(Reference strictly made for disinfectant only! ARTG : 354310)

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Wondershield's Wonderpod system is a patented disinfectant delivery system. Disinfect your premises for longer, with just a single application, saving yourself from a hefty cleaners bill.


Portable WonderGun Nano has rechargeable batteries that works for 2 hours continuously and bottle refills that are environment friendly.


Wondershield Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant is solvent-free, has no chlorines, bleaches or carcinogenic compounds. It is also non-oxidative, non-flammable and bio friendly.

Australian made and owned

Wondershield's disinfectant is manufactured right here in Melbourne, Australian.

Disinfecting has never been easier

easy-to-use wireless nano sprayer
with disposable disinfectant pods


SNap on a pod (300ML BOTTLE)

spray AND WIPE

Quicker application, longer protection.

Once appled, Wondershield Disinfectant takes under 10 minutes
to dry.

1. Apply

Spray in even swipe motion. It is reccomended to wait until area is thoroughly wet. 

2. Wait 10 Minutes

Once applied across the intended surface, wait for 10 minutes .

3. Set

Wondershield Disinfectant Spray’s antibacterial protective layer is now locked on to the surface.

Antibacterial efficacy  of up to 

Days on Low Touch Surfaces

Antibacterial efficacy  of up to 

Hours on High Touch Surfaces
Wondershield's Multi-surface disinfectant incorporates Quat-Lock technology, which has been tested
by world leading testing bodies and authorities.

germ protection.

KILLS A BROAD RANGE OF bacteria and viruses.
(Reference to Wondershield Multi Surface Disnfectant only)


Staphylococcus aureus


Escherichia coli

Salmonella choleraesuis

Murine hepatitis virus

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Introducing the WONDERPODS STARTER KIT. The ideal disinfection unit for disinfecting small-medium sized areas with utmost east and effectiveness.


1 x Wondergun Nano Sprayer.

2 x 300ml Disinfectant Pods.

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need more refills? Shop our pods.

A single POD of Wondershield Multi-surface Disinfectant

can cover up to 50 square meters of surface.
That's your entire pharmacy, gym to store, treated with our coating


Gyms and Yoga Centres

Retail/Clothing Stores

Medical Centres


Classrooms/Day care

Aged Care

Request a Free Touch-Point assessment of your pharmacy

What some of our clients say :

My partner and I run a tight shift. We would spend hours spraying two floors and courtyard 3 times a day with a disinfectant. The wonderful gets a around this in a few minutes.
Jillie T
Tel Aviv, Israel
" Sanitising my cafe every hour everyday has been tedious but with Wondergun Nano and the disinfectant, I only have to do it once a day and has been so much fun to use , saving so much on time and money. I definitely recommend Wondershield to small business owners.​
Quintin A
Sydney, Australia
Wondershield has played a huge role in our lives. We couldn't afford professional cleaning every week. Wondershield saved us from closing our doors.
Holly R
Ballarat, Victoria
" This my new favourite sanitising product. Its not only affordable but also so easy to use. The disinfectant mist from the gun is super fine and leaves no residue on any surfaces in my fitness studio.​
Hilary L
Sydney, Australia

Disinfection is our passion!

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