Wonderpods, Wondershield and the Wondergun nao, are products owned by the Wonderwash International Pty Ltd, an Australian Company that focuses on innovative and scientific solutions in the field of personal care and disinfection. 

Wondershield operates from its headquaters in Sydney, Australia and delivers quality products across the globe including USA, 
Europe and Asia. 


"a product with a vision"

"Founder's notes"

“There simply had to be a better way” was the motto that enabled me to embark on the wonderpod journey.

When the world as we knew it changed overnight, we had to pivot quickly to adapt and survive in a volatile and uncertain climate. 

The use of sanitizers and disinfects became a critical part of our daily lives to protect what is most important to us, our wellbeing, our loved ones and our businesses. 

It very quickly became apparent to me some of the products and techniques that were currently available lacked innovation, did not provide a long term solution and proved to be extremely time consuming without delivering effective results. 

Flash-killing germs only momentarily using alcohol disinfectants could potentially open up the possibility for further cross contamination.

There seemed to be a lack of variety and range available in the market for everyday small business owners to consider without resorting to industrial grade equipments often bulky and expensive, or commercial disinfecting which weren’t a feasible option for many. 

Wonderpod’s mission is simple “helping small businesses stay open”. It is our belief that providing an innovative solution that incorporates ‘Quat-Lock’ technology not only provides longer lasting protection to everyday business owners. It also provides them the peace of mind that they are protecting their business and the communities they serve.

We found a better way. Over the past year our focus has been on creating a “no-frills” way for businesses keep their premises disinfected longer for cheaper. We wanted to introduce a turn-key solution that just about anyone could use. Enter Wonderpods. Our patented disposable disinfectant delivery system.  An effective, reliable and affordable atomiser with disposable pre-filled disinfectant pods that last all day long.  It just made sense.

sid bedre

A new world deserves a newer approach.

Wondershield smart disinfectant pods are made to last, and we really mean LAST! The cutting edge technology that goes into making Wondershield’s disinfectant, is the result of years of painstaking research, out-of-the-box thinking and a dash of genius . It was a testament to those who didn’t take no for an answer and challenged the status quo. The ones who dared to ask the very question…  How long do conventional alcohol Sanitisers really last?