Earn up to
$500 a day!

Australia’s fastest growing  Quaternary Disinfection company is looking for passionate individual to sell the most in-demand B2B (Business-to-Business) disinfection product on the market.

  • Scheduled “pre-set” appointments provided daily!

  • Product sells itself, only need to do a quick demo.
  • No Sales experience needed

  • Easy product to sell, no contracts or sign ups.

  • Generous commissions paid weekly.

  • Average earnings of upwards of $300 – $500 a day!

  • Car not necessary.
  • Australian ABN needed.

Have your work cut out for you!

Receive List of Appointments For The Day

You don’t need to set your own appointments, although you are encouraged to. All appointments will be be set within a 5-10 KM radius.


Just Show Up, & Do A Quick Demo

The Wondershield Disinfection system is a compact and cheap disinfection solution for small businesses. The product is so unique and affordable that it practically sells itself once demonstrated. You would be required to do a quick demonstration of the product and highlight its benefits.


Sell The Most 'In-Demand' Disinfection Product On The Market, Easy!

The Wondershield Wonderpods starter kit is priced at only $250. On average a business would purchase anywhere between $250 - $500 worth of products. There are no contracts or subscriptions or any lock-in terms, making it an easy sale.


Wondershield serves a multitude of industries, creating a wide avenue for sales opportunities.


Gyms and Yoga Centres

Retail/Clothing Stores

Medical Centres


Schools/Day care

Aged Care

Tremendous earning potential, with flexible working hours. That's a win-win!


Up to 3 pre-booked appointments
for the day. Unlimited scope of
approaching as many
new businesses as you can.


Chance of sale per lead (Minimum Average).
That's 1 out of every 3 demos you
do converting , meaning a commission
between $100-$200 from just a single sale.


Commission on EVERY sale, uncapped!!So if a single customer buys $400
worth of products (average value)
that's $120 from just 1 sale.


Get paid weekly, with 1 week payment post settlement of sale.

Do you need more information?
No problem! Ask us anything

Absolutely, however we do suggest working at least 3 days a week. Since this works on a distribution sales model there are certain targets that needs to be achieved.

Absolutely not! In fact we are investing our time and money in you. Wondershield will provide all training material, shirts, demo kits and other brand and marketing collateral to you at absolutely no cost.

Yes, but not necessarily a car. Since our demo is a tiny portable disinfection sprayer, you can travel light. Sometimes having a scooter has proven to be the most effective way to get in between appointments easily.

Wondershield Australia part of Wonderwash International Pty Ltd is an Australian company specialising in innovative disinfection system designed for small businesses. 

Wondershield pays a flat distributors margin/ commission of 30% on invoice value. Let’s break it down in numbers. We have a 30% conversion per lead after a demo is done. That means if you meet 6 customers, you are likely to sell to 3. An average customer buys around $350 in products. So that is a total invoice value of $1050. With a 30% margin, you are walking away with around $315. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, Wondershield’s target achievers get a further bonus every month.

Yes, you will need either a laptop of a tablet for taking orders from customers and processing on the spot payments.

The short answer is, no. Wondershield will conduct a short interview to make sure we’re a good fit.

Join the movement and help businesses re-open and stay open safely, with Wondershield